Hero Wall

Names and the Hero Markers of Illinois' Fallen Heroes will appear in the spreadsheet below. Move cursor over "Heroes" link above to see other war heroes remembered. All Service Members honored and their locations are listed below, currently sorted in alphabetical order by Hero's last name.  Preliminary marker number and arrival time is included, please be aware that names are still being moved around and that the actual marker and time may well change by the day of the Run.

This list is dated 4/10/2019 and it is as complete as we can make it.

Please contact us if you know of someone who may be missing. To add or update any information, please email us at illinois@runforthefallen.org with the details.  For an addition, please include the following:  Full name, branch of service, rank or rating, date of death, Illinois hometown.

To navigate forward and backward in the list, please use the up and down arrows in the lower left corner of the viewing window to change pages.

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