Sample Hero Marker


This is how the Illinois Run will work -

A small core team of athletes running 9-10 minute miles will arrive at the designated time (or as close as possible). When runners arrive at the hero marker they will be carrying four flags: the American flag, the Illinois state flag, the Honor and Remember flag, and Honor and Sacrifice flag, as well as the placard with the Heroes' names for that marker. The flag bearers will take their positions facing any guests present at the marker (family,veterans, or supporters). A reader will then read the names of the hero, date of death and branch of service . Once the names have been read, all will come to attention and render an appropriate salute. After the salute, the runners will pay respects to waiting immediate family members, if present. Once respects have been paid, the runners will reassemble (or transfer flags to next team of runners), get new marker placard, and then begin the next mile. This will be accomplished in 90 seconds or less. There must be no hesitation as other families are waiting ahead. Each mile is specifically accounted for at 12 minutes apart. Families are asked to fellowship before runners arrive at or after they leave that marker.