SERIOUS RUNNERS NEEDED!  - We are assembling a small group (20 maximum), of active or former military personnel or dedicated athletes to comprise a core team of runners committed to a 1-day 50 mile tribute run from Macomb to Warsaw. Run will begin at 7:00 AM from Western Illinois University in Macomb and end in Warsaw at 5pm. The run has a specific timetable for each marker throughout each day. Runners need to be flexible and willing to run when needed. RAIN OR SHINE.

Runners will run 1 mile at a time, stopping to salute and give tribute by name at every Hero Marker to every Illinois fallen military hero who died while serving during the current war on terror  briefly greeting family, friends and comrades who may be waiting nearby. Stopping no longer than 90 seconds each.

Each runner must be physically capable of a consistent 9 minute mile for 2 mile legs. Core teams will rotate in shifts during the 1 day period. We are not looking for quantity of runners but a solid team dedicated to the remembrance of those who gave their lives and their families. A specific pace must be maintained in order to greet waiting families.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our core team or desiring to run any of the 50 mile distance, contact us at, or fill out our Contact Form.

Runners must complete a waiver in order to participate.  Download and complete the waiver and either email it to or bring your copy along and turn in before running.

Click link to download waiver form:

This year's Illinois Run for the Fallen Core Runners Are:
You may also text the word ILRUN to 71777.
or click on the picture of the runner below.

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